Dobby linings

DOBBY polyester linings (with weaving effect)
Composition: 100% polyester

Use: lining – for coats, jackets, suits, handbags lining; scarves; as a decorative fabric, eg. for decorative pillowcases.

Item number: Weight (+/-3): Width:

Complete technical details and sample available on request

E64 diamond, E66 Snowflake, E80, E81,
E82, E83, E84, E85
58g/m2 153cm
E61 Polka dot 59g/m2 153cm
New item: E1500 mechanical stretch twill 68g/m2 150cm
E2090 twill 75g/m2 153cm
E2095 changeant rhadame 81g/m2 153cm
E2091 changeant twill 82g/m2 153cm
E2090 herring bone 83g/m2 153cm
E2096 weavy rhadame 84g/m2 153cm
E2097,E2098 herring bone 84g/m2 153cm
E2094 wide herring bone 84g/m2 153cm

Main ADVENTAGES of all TORAY linings:

  • large colors selection,
  • highest quality,
  • special temporary antistatic finish, helpful during cutting and sewing.
TORAY dobby linings
TORAY dobby linings
TORAY dobby linings