FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Minimum quantity is 20 feet container (20’) – shirting, bedcloth, flannel, drills.

Minimum quantity in TORAY’s lining from Czech is half of a truck – 72.800m.

It depends on weight of the fabric and its width. For 150cm width:

100 g/m2 (standard shirting) it is 80.000 meters.

125 g/m2 (heavier shirting) it is about 65.000 meters.

165 g/m2 (flannel) it is about 34.000 meters (width 160 cm).

195g/m2 (drill) it is about 30.000 meters.

52 g/m2 (standard lining) it is 72.800m. Goods are delivered from Czech by truck.

In description of each fabric you will find approximate quantity that fits in 20’ container.

Minimum order quantity per colour depends on minimum batch quantity for the producer.

For LUCKYTEX shirting it is 2.000m

For TJQ shirting it is 3.000m.

For bed cloth fabrics and flannel it is 3.000m in one colour and 6.000m in design.

For standard TORAY’s lining it is 2.800m and multiple. Other linings (e.g. dobby) it is 800m and 1.000m.

You will find it in the OFFER site.

Yes, but only if goods are produced by one factory. In case of few different fabrics from different sources it is impossible.

Yes. Please contact us by CONTACT site, send us e-mail or call us. You will learn where to buy smaller quantities – you will get contact details to importers of specific fabric.

The biggest textile importers trusted us.

Please contact us for more details!

The quality of the fabric is guaranteed by the producer by signing a contract with the importer. Sometimes we sign a contract - usually shirting deliveries from Luckytex or TJQ.

Quality is also confirmed by Oekotex Certificate – which means that materials used for production are safe for clothes or bed cloth. Certificate is confirmed every year by detailed test of fabrics, materials and production process in Oeko-Tex institute.

Quality is also guaranteed by ARATEX by choosing the best, the most reliable producers and monitoring production process by systematic exchange of information.

In description of each fabric you will find approximate quantity that fits in 20’ container.

Please place an inquiry for fabric and specify quantity you need, along with information about your company or address of your website. Why? We want to know whom we are working with.

After getting answer from us, when everything is accepted by you, you are welcome to place an order. We also set the terms of payment and delivery.

You can base on fabrics samples received from us and on repetable colours from colour cards. Toray has 213 colours of lining. LUCKYTEX - 200 colours of shirting, ARATEX has two cards - 240 colours and 384 colours of shirting).

You can realize unusual orders based on customer’s colour sample and prepare lab-dips (customer samples processed by factory). When you accept them, factory follows production.

You can place an order by e-mail or fax. It is good to send us earlier an inquiry about the possibility of delivery and the approximate production time as well as to know the price and purchase conditions. You will find our contact details in CONTACT page.

You get order confirmation – contract / pro-forma invoice. You make prepayment or open letter of credit (L/C). Factory starts production.

You wait for delivery – you know at once or receive current information when goods will be shipped. You pay remaining part of invoice. Goods enters the port or your company.

It is good if you are an importer or plan to start importing goods.

It depends on place of production (country) and a factory.

TORAY’s lining is produced and delivered mostly within 30 days.

Other fabric - from Thailand or China can be produced in 30 to 60 days, plus delivery time to port in Europe (about 30-40 days).

They depend on the producer and country of origin:

- Prepayment after placing an order and balance payment basing on final

invoice, before goods dispatch (TORAY’s lining – Czech). Or before goods enter the port

(LUCKYTEX and TJQ shirting fabrics, bedcloth fabrics, drills and flannels from other factories).

- Letter of Credit (all above fabrics and destinations besides linings from Czech – because goods are delivered within 1-2 days from dispatch.

Please contact us by CONTACT page send us e-mail or call. We will come back with answer within 24 hours.