Plain linings

Polyester PLAIN linings (taffeta)
Compositon: 100% poliester

Use: lining – for coats, jackets, suits, trousers, dresses, wedding dresses, scarves, handbags lining; flags, as a decorative fabric, eg. for decorative pillowcases.

Item number: Weight (+/-3): Width:

Complete technical details and sample available on request

New item: E7258 30D TEFFETA 47g/m2 153cm
E5080, E5080W, E508WW 52g/m2 153cm, 160cm, 163cm
E5084 55g/m2 153cm
E5090 57g/m2 153cm
New item: E1453 – soft pongee 59g/m2 153cm
E5010 63g/m2 153cm
E5015 73g/m2 153cm
E60 VISCO 52g/m2 153cm
E60B TOKIO 62g/m2 153cm
E5048 lining with higher density,
possible to calander and waterproof finish,
down-proof, suitable for jackets
63g/m2 152cm
New item: E1450 – POCKETING 64g/m2 153cm
EU41 Uniform lining
– with higher strength
85g/m2 153cm

*Item E5080 is the most popular TORAY lining on the market. Weight 52g/m2, width 153cm.
Regular and often deliveries, large colours selection, always highest quality – are its main advantages.
It can be also quilted in traditional way.

Main ADVENTAGES of all TORAY linings:

  • large colors selection,
  • highest quality,
  • special temporary antistatic finish, helpful during cutting and sewing.
TORAY plain lining
TORAY plain lining
TORAY plain lining