Satin, satin linings.
Composition: 100% polyester (beside E1570).

Can be used as regular lining, but also as elegant satin lining, as a bottom of a wedding dress, blouse fabric, night underwear, elegant nightdress, scarves, trimmings.

Item number: Weight (+/-3): Width:

Complete technical details and sample available on request

New item: E1025 LIGHT SATIN (weight reduction 12%) 77g/m2 156cm
New item: E1351 mechanical stretch satin, alongation aprox 5% 83g/m2 156cm
E7502 (matt gloss) 84g/m2 153cm
E901 (medium gloss) 88g/m2 153cm
New item: E1570 stretch satin (spandex 4%) 94g/m2 150cm
E7500 (high gloss) 105g/m2 153cm
E7515 132g/m2 153cm

Main ADVENTAGES of all TORAY linings:

  • large colors selection,
  • highest quality,
  • special temporary antistatic finish, helpful during cutting and sewing.
  • possibility of preparing separate colour card only with satins.
TORAY satin
TORAY satin