Stripe linings

Sleeve / knee linings – stripe linings.

Composition: 100% polyester

Use: lining – for coats, jackets, suits, trousers, handbags lining, as sleeve / knee lining, pocketing.


Item number: Weight (+/-3): Width:

Complete technical details and sample available on request

E63A-R 58g/m2 153cm
E63A,E63S2 + other weft Stripes white/black 58 -63g/m2 153cm
E63S3M, E 63S3R + other weft blue, red, navy, brown stripes 59–60g/m2 153cm
E58S1, E58S2,E58S3, E58S4, E58SB2 – warp sleeve linings 51 –53g/m2 153cm
E2S01, E2S02, E2S03, DT160-4, multicolour sleeve linings
with white background
74 –78g/m2 153cm

Main ADVENTAGES of all TORAY linings:

  • large colors selection,
  • highest quality,
  • special temporary antistatic finish, helpful during cutting and sewing.
TORAY stripes lining
TORAY stripes lining
TORAY stripes lining