Plain shirting

PLAIN shirting fabrics (poplin)

Colour possibilities: plain colour or melange.

Use: casual shirts, formal shirts, wedding shirts, blouses, tunics, shirting dresses, scarfs.

Unusual use: decorative fabric for tablecloth.

Besides common use, plain shirtings are very good for prining.


Item number: Composition: Contruction: Weight (+/-3): Width: Kind of finish:

Full technical details and sample available on request

AP4510W T/C –65% polyester/ 35% cotton 45×45 / 110×76 100g/m2 59/60” (150-152cm) PP* DP or PP**
AV4510W CVC –55%cotton / 45% polyester 45×45 / 110×76 100g/m2 59/60” (150-152cm) PP DP or PP
AV4536W CVC –55%cotton / 45% polyester 45×45 / 136×72 108g/m2 59/60” (150-152cm) PP DP or PP

*PP DP – permanent press double preshrunk finish. It is soft and nice in touch finish.

** PP – permanent press finish. It is more stiff finish, fabric seams more compact, it is easy to cutting and sewing.

Main ADVENTAGES of our shirting:

  • high tensile and tearing strength,
  • low shrinkage +/-1%,
  • high color fastness, including dark and extra dark colours.
Luckytex plain shirting fabric
Luckytex plain shirting fabric
Luckytex plain shirting fabric and with melange effect