Why us


That is great, because we are making the work for textiles importers as easy as possible.

We take all the work associated with the implementation of the order by reminding you of a contract, negotiate price and terms of cooperation with the factory, assorting colors, ensuring production, monitoring the road, check the reliability of the documents sent and samples delivery to the entry of goods to the port or to your company.

Because we are very reliable in what we do. We always look for the best solution of the customer and the manufacturer, bearing in mind the “win-win” principle. Because only through satisfaction with the cooperation of both sides, we can operate successfully in the market for 25 years.

You will not find a single unfavorable comment on the network about us, as evidenced awarded us a certificate "Trustworthy Company". What more, our customers are so pleased with cooperation with us, that we are together for several years, and with some almost a quarter century.

We keep our agreements. You can rely on us. What more, we spoil our customers. Hardly anyone is ready to do so much for the client. We treat our customers as partners or even like the best friends.

We take on us all work connected delivery of the goods (besides custom clearance). Customer can focus on the most important things – on sales, making money and growing the business. We carefully listen to customer needs and problems and react quickly. We give customer updated information, so he can take the best decision for himself.

We provide not only excellent quality merchandise. Also samples, colour cards, perfectly prepared documents, translations, certificates, specifications. We inform about new products in fabrics, trends in fashion in the domestic market, in business and in exchange rates.

The customer may not know foreign languages to import fabric. Can spend time on the most important things for the business: sale of fabrics, making money and developing their own business.

Yes. We do not do the customs clearance of goods.

We recommend our customers to smaller buyers.

We recommend their goods to smaller companies, who can not afford to buy a whole container.


Even when the goods are not from us!

Peace of mind when it comes to organization of deliveries, because we focus on ensuring all stages: from placing the order, to goods entry to your warehouse or port. We will remind you what and when to do or we will do it for you, if possible.

You will be able to focus on the most important issues in your company, as sales of fabrics, making money and development - expansion.

You will increase your sales thanks to recommending you to smaller buyers - as you know, we do it absolutely for free.

You will get a great quality products at good price and perfectly prepared delivery, which means great comfort of your work.

You will have other facilities, such as ability to order fabrics based on quality sample and colour cards, what will give you speed of execution of orders.

You will have the possibility to work with your customers based on these samples and cards, by phone or e-mail.

Colours are repeatable and in a large selection. TORAY has 213 colours in their card, LUCKYTEX - 200 colours, ARATEX - 240 and 384 colours).

You will be able to realize unusual orders based on customer samples and prepared lab-dips.

We can also prepare lab-dips based on the PANTONE TEXTILE COLOUR GUIDE Paper Edition, which got about 1700 colours.

You will receive up to date information about new products in fabrics from manufacturers.

The biggest textile importers trusted us.

Please contact us for more details!